Beach Bowling

There is more you can do with sand than build castles! Play this awesome beach bowling game with your family, or maybe you can think of another creative way to play in the sand.

Photo: Kids playing in the sand


  • A ball
  • A bucket or cup


1. Fill the bucket with moist sand, pat it down, and turn it over to make your first bowling pin.

2. Continue to fill the bucket with sand to create a total of ten bowling pins and set them up in a bowling triangle by following step three.

3. To create a bowling triangle, place one pin in first row, two pins in the second row, three in the third row, and four in the last row.

5. Take five or six steps from pins and draw a line in the sand.

6. Stand behind the line and roll the ball toward the pins to knock them over.

7. Each player gets to roll the ball twice, like real bowling.

8. The next player will have to create his or her bowling pins by repeating steps one through three.

9. Each player should keep track of the number of pins knocked down for each turn.

10. At the end of the game, winner gets to kick over remaining sand pins while screaming, “I am the beach bowling master!”

Text by Lyssa White
Photograph by Phil Schermeister