Squishy Eggs-Periment


Illustration: finger squishing an egg next to a bottle of vinger; text reads Eggs-Periments

First get permission to use kitchen equipment and eggs.


  • One raw egg
  • Vinegar
  • Large bowl


  1. Put a raw egg (in its shell) into a bowl and cover it completely with vinegar.
  2. Wait two days, then drain off the vinegar. When you touch the egg, it will feel rubbery. Be careful not to break the membrane, and wash your hands after you touch the egg. (Throw it away after a few days.)


Vinegar, an acid, dissolves the calcium in the eggshell. It's calcium that makes the shell hard. But a thin, flexible membrane just under the shell still holds the egg's shape.

Text by Julie Vosburgh Agnone
Illustration by David Bamundo