St. Patrick's Day Clover Pin


  • Three green lollipops
  • Twist tie
  • Ribbon
  • Tape or hot glue
  • Large safety pin 




1. Crisscross two lollipops and place one lollipop in the middle to form a shamrock. Secure lollipops with a twist tie and decorate with a ribbon.

2. With the help of an adult, use either a strong piece of tape or hot glue to attach a large safety pin to the back of the top lollipop. Let glue dry.

3. Pin on clothes to ward off St. Patrick's Day pinches!


Text by Lyssa Walker

Photographs courtesy Lyssa Walker

Photo: Hands holding lollipop
Photo: Hands holding finished St. Patrick's Day pin
Photo: Pinning clover pin on green shirt for St. Patrick's Day