Animal Art Rocks

Try painting a rock for a unique decoration.

Photo: A rock painted like a cat

You Will Need

  • A picture of a curled animal or animal face
  • A smooth, egg-shaped rock
  • Scrub brush
  • Newspapers
  • A sharp pencil
  • Acrylic paints
  • A wide brush (finger-width)
  • A narrow brush


If you mess up painting your rock, let it dry off, and paint it again!

Here's How

1. Look through magazines for a picture of an animal you would like to draw. Cats, dogs, birds, foxes, rabbits, and snakes work well. Use your imagination.

2. Find a smooth rock, the basic shape of the animal's face or body.

3. Scrub the rock with soap and water. Rinse it well, and let it dry completely.

4. Cover your work area with newspaper.

5. Pencil your design on the rock.

Photo: A rock in step 6

6. Paint the outlines and shadows of your animal using a wide brush.

Photo: A rock painted like a cat in step 7

7. Fill in big blocks of coloring with the wide brush. Let your rock dry.

Photo: A rock painted like a cat in step 8

8. Add details using a narrow brush. Wipe mistakes away with a damp cotton ball. Add white dots to the animal's eyes to make them sparkle.

Text adapted from the March 1992 World magazine
Photographs by Mark O. Thiessen