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Teach Your Kids to Detect Fake News and Photos!, by Andrea Silen

April 19, 2017
These days it can be challenging to tell fact from fiction—especially for kids. But by helping children distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake, you can teach them how to think for themselves, as well as gain a better understanding of the world. Check out some fun activities that’ll help your kids develop a knack for finding the facts.

How to Change Kids From Everyday Recyclers Into Stewards of the Planet, By C.M. Tomlin

April 5, 2017
Whenever I go for a walk with my three-year-old daughter, she insists on gathering up acorns. Pockets full of them. Acorns everywhere. Once home, she places the acorns in spots where she believes the backyard animals can find them: balancing them on railings for squirrels, stuffing them down chipmunk burrows (or homes of soon-to-be miffed snakes). We might be faced with a sudden appearance of gigantic oaks in the yard one day. But as a dad, I’m proud that she cares about the neighborhood nature.

Teach kids about STEAM and upcycling through this record attempt, by Kay Boatner

March 15, 2017
We’re having a Launch Party—and the price of admission is one toilet-paper-roll tube! Wait, what? Nat Geo Kids and Toyota Highlander need your family’s help to set a Guinness World Record: the world’s largest toilet-paper-roll sculpture. Why the Launch Party? We’re asking people to send us their toilet-paper-roll tubes so we can build the sculpture in the shape of a rocket—as well as excite kids about upcycling and STEAM (otherwise known as science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).

6 ideas to help children dive into diversity, by Rachel Buchholz

February 22, 2017
Kids are smart. They notice differences. But children are also amazing at accepting those differences. Help yours celebrate diversity with these ideas from Nat Geo Kids.

Inspire friendships in kids with photos, videos, and recipes, by Kay Boatner
February 1, 2017
Valentine’s Day might be all lovey-dovey for adults. But for kids? They probably just want the candy! And while learning the history of the holiday is part of the fun, this year try encouraging a different kind of sweet by celebrating friendship and family with these ideas from Nat Geo Kids.

4 ideas for putting the kids in charge of vacation, by Allison Ellis
January 18, 2017
I used to loathe vacation planning. That is, until I put the kids in charge. Junior travel agents have more fun, step up their initiative, are less likely to blame Mom when things go wrong, and gain all kinds of useful skills that help them go further in school … and in life. With spring break and summer vacation coming up, now is a great time to put kids in the driver’s seat of family-travel planning. Here’s how some families get it done—and what children might get out of it.


6 ideas for busting winter boredom, by Rose Davidson
January 4, 2017
Are cold temperatures and snowy weather making your family a little stir-crazy? Make the most out of winter for your kids with some creative ways to have fun. Check out these ideas from Nat Geo Kids.

3 ways 'Star Wars' can inspire STEM in young explorers, by Allison Ellis
December, 23 2016
How my kids developed a fascination for Star Wars without ever seeing a single movie in the series until last year was beyond me. Although their fandom came with a force-like desire for licensed toys and merchandise, it also got me thinking about using the power of the pop culture phenomenon to home in on core concepts of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). And this month’s release of the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, gives parents the perfect opportunity.

Tips for giving children the most awesome holiday season ever
December, 6 2016
No matter how your family celebrates the holidays, one thing’s for sure. Everyone wants it to be the most wonderful time of the year—especially for the kids. Check out these ideas from Nat Geo Kids on how your family can make the most out of the season.

6 tips to evoke an attitude of gratitude, by Andrea Silen
November 23, 2016
An overstuffed refrigerator, a house full of people, and stir-crazy kids—yep, it’s the holidays! It’s easy for a child’s gratitude to get lost somewhere between the three kinds of pie on the table and the eight sleeping bags filled with visiting cousins. Check out Nat Geo Kids’ ideas for keeping the “thanks” in Thanksgiving—and any other day of the year.

Tasty ideas for bringing the fam together with food, by Allison Ellis
November 12, 2016
Some of my most delicious holiday memories from childhood are from when our extended family all convened at my Aunt Carol’s house for her annual Swedish-themed Christmas Eve dinner. There was much that I enjoyed (meatballs, berries, cookies) and some that I did not (lutfisk—a gelatinous whitefish soaked in lye—and a kind of potato sausage that smelled like dog food and tasted like the inside of a shoe). Still—it was a memorable introduction to our family’s heritage, and it inspired me to visit my Swedish relatives later in life. (Yes, they tried to serve me lutfisk. No, I did not eat it.)

Fun tricks for making Halloween a family treat, by Allyson Shaw
October 26, 2016
Kids love Halloween—and it’s not all about the candy. For a lot of children, Halloween is just as much about having fun as a family. Bring your trick-or-treaters closer with these spooky but sweet activities from Nat Geo.

5 ways kids learn kindness from animals, by Allison Ellis
October 12, 2016
Why is it that when my kids are on their worst behavior—fighting, name-calling, or worse—it’s our dog Lucie who knows exactly how to nice up the mood? With a gentle nudge or a playful hop on the bed, the energy is diffused, and instead of an impending hair-pulling session, the kids are stroking her fur instead.

Ideas for making the most out of sports
September 28, 2016
Teamwork and sportsmanship are important values for every kid. Whether they’re into sports or just enjoy playing games, children can get lots of positive things out of competition. Inspire your kids to make the most out of their activities with these ideas.

Weird-But-True activities
September 14, 2016
Kids love weird stuff. The weirder, the better. So why not use all the weirdness in the world to spark your kid’s curiosity—as well as help them celebrate differences? Check out these oddball ideas from Nat Geo.

Back-to-school brain boosters
August 31, 2016
Still trying to clear out your kids' summer cobwebs? Nat Geo has some amazing ideas that’ll train their brains for the classroom—and keep the kiddos excited about learning.

Fun photo ideas for kids
August 17, 2016
Are your kids buried in their screens? Get their brains more focused on the world around them with Nat Geo's photo tips. You'll help boost your kids' observation skills as well as turn photography into a family activity.

Fun boredom busters for kids
August 3, 2016
Ready for your kids to get back to school? They definitely are not! But Nat Geo’s got you covered with three fun boredom busters that’ll get your kids outside and learning about the world.

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Weird But True!

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