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Want to see every single species of animals, all in one place? That's just what National Geographic is trying to create! From cuddly cute to outrageously strange, we want to see—and save—them all!

Through a project called Photo Ark, photographer Joel Sartore is visiting zoos around the world to snap pictures of all 12,000 species of captive animals. He hopes to use the photos to inspire people to save the planet’s most endangered animals.

Click through a gallery to see just a few of these amazing animals, and check out the videos below to watch how Sartore got some of the shots. Want more? Check out all the photos—so far—on

Joel Sartore

A clouded leopard cub climbs on Joel Sartore's head. Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photo Ark

Watch a chimpanzee rip down a paper backdrop and flee the scene!


Watch this hilarious blooper reel of photographer Joel Sartore
taking photos of animals.


Check out a Coquerel's sifaka having a snack during a photo shoot.


Find out if a tree frog hops away during its photo shoot. 


Watch what happens when photographer Joel Sartore
has trouble photographing an armadillo.

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