Get Outside Challenges
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You don't have to be a National Geographic explorer to get outdoors and explore the world. Anyone can explore! Here is a list of seasonal activities to help your family experience the world.

Name That Leaf

Identify Trees

Play Tree Memory!

Quick Play

South Carolina

The Palmetto State

Make Rock Art

Paint Designs on Rocks

Backyard Wildlife

Attract Animals

Wildlife Pictures

Backyard Animals Roam Around

See them all!

Get facts, videos, and photos.

Planets Memory

Quick Play

Go over the moon!

Get facts, photos, and more.

Make a Telescope

Look at the Heavens

Name That Sport

Play Outside!


The Last Frontier

Want more fun ideas on how to enjoy the great outdoors? Pick up a copy of the National Geographic Kids Get Outside Guide.  It's filled with fascinating facts and cool ideas for adventures in forests and fields, on beaches and playgrounds, in city parks, and in your own backyard. There are activities for spring, summer, winter, and fall!