Guinness World Record Titles

This year, we earned our ninth Guinness World Records title for the world's smallest magazine cover! First we asked you to vote for your favorite National Geographic Kids cover of 2014 so far. Thousands of responses rolled in with each of the options scoring hundreds of votes. But there was one clear winner: the March 2014 cover featuring adorable giant pandas! Then scientists from IBM used a special chisel with a nano-size tip 100,000 times smaller than a sharpened pencil point to etch the March 2014 cover design onto a polymer—the same substance which creates plastic. The cover was so small that 2,000 of them could fit on a grain of salt. The final product was unveiled at the 2014 USA Science and Engineering Festival. 

National Geographic Kids Guinness World Record Titles

Largest Online Photo Album of Animals 2013

Most People to Run 100 Meters in 24 Hours 2012
Largest Collection of Shoes to Recycle 2012

Most People to Do Jumping Jacks in 24 Hours 2011

Most Items of Clothing Collected for Recycling 2009

Largest Chain of Shoes 2008

Largest Gathering of Plush Toys 2006

Longest Line of Footprints 2004

Chisel Technology



World's Smallest Map

This is a magnified image of the world's smallest map, made with the same technology that will be used to create the cover. The map is so tiny, a thousand could fit on a grain of salt.

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IBM Chisel

This is a close-up of IBM's chisel. IBM uses the technology to create faster and more energy-efficient electronics, from smartphones to supercomputers.

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