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Help Nat Geo Kids and Toyota Highlander set a Guinness World Record!


We're creating the world's largest toilet-paper-roll sculpture. It'll be built in the shape of a rocket! We need about 5,000 toilet-paper-roll tubes to build a rocket sculpture big enough to set the record. So send us lots!


Rolls must be received by May 10, 2017.


Follow these rules to help us set the record:


1. Collect some toilet-paper-roll tubes. They should not have any toilet paper on them.

2. The tubes can be any size or brand but must have been used for toilet paper.

3. If you decorate your rolls, be sure to send in a permission form. Check it out below! (You don't need to fill out the form if you're not decorating your rolls.)


4. Send as many rolls as you wish to:

Nat Geo Kids / Set a Guinness World Record

1145 17th St. NW

Washington, DC 20036


Photo credits (banner): Mrtnmccn, Dreamstime (rocket); Freedom_Studio, Shutterstock (toilet-paper-roll tube); ecco, Shutterstock (sky background)


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