Bob Barker: Dog in Costume

He's beloved at Nat Geo Kids for his happy-go-lucky attitude and for his cute costumes.

Meet Bob Barker.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Bob's photo shoot! 


Photograph by Rebecca Hale, NGS Staff

This pumpkin costume is a classic! Maybe Bob Barker could wear this to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade held in New York City. Hundreds of dogs take part in the yearly celebration. 


Photograph by Mark Thiessen, NGS Staff

Bob's favorite costume is a turtle. He likes turtles because they are the only animals that he can outrun.


Photograph by Mark Thiessen, NGS Staff

Bob really is a one-of-a-kind dog.

Fun Fact: Zebras are one of a kind too. No two zebras have the exact same stripes.


Photograph by Rebecca Hale, NGS Staff

Dressing up in so many costumes makes Bob sleepy. His favorite thing to do is snuggling before he goes to sleep. And he snores big-time. Shiver me timbers! 

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