Awesome 8 Great Shelter Dogs
Awesome 8 Great Shelter Dogs

It might be August…but it's also DOG-ust! August 1 is the "birthday" for any shelter or rescue dog, and we're celebrating all month. In honor of these special dogs, we asked our National Geographic Kids My Shot photographers to show us their pup pals and tell what makes them so great. These adopted pups are real doggie treats!


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By My Shot photographer bbert

Nick is the best rescue pup ever because he's so kind and gentle. Whenever he meets someone new, he always rolls over for a belly rub and wags his tail, which makes everyone smile. He loves to spend time with our family, and we can't imagine a better addition. 


By My Shot photographer DobbyTheFreedElf

I love Nika because she's always excited to see me in the morning. She makes these cute little noises when she plays or wants food, and she loves to sit on my bed with me and read. 


By My Shot photographer Animalsrock2

This is Teddy, and he’s a rescue dog. I had had another dog, Jack, who got lost. The shelter called us and said they thought they found him. It wasn't Jack, but my dad loved this new dog and decided to bring him home. I got to name him!


By My Shot photographer ardennn11

Boomer is my best friend. He's been with me on my adventures. He isn't perfect—he sometimes runs away and doesn't always come when called, but he always comes back and I know he loves me more than he loves himself.



By My Shot photographer AnnaK

Reagan is a nine-year-old Portuguese water dog who was rescued when he was seven. 


By My Shot photographer Emilymilly 

We adopted my dog Cricket from Thailand. She was rescued with her brothers and sisters because they were in desperate need of help.


By My Shot photographer blacksunset

Panda is a super-energetic dog that is as cute as can be!


By My Shot photographer luvabull123

I met Tripod at a dog adoption event. He is so sweet and loving even though he only has three legs. He always has a spring in his step and loves to meet people. He always has kisses for everybody. 






Text Edited by Allyson Shaw, NGS Staff

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