National Geographic Bee

Photograph by Becky Hale, National Geographic



12-Year-Old Wins National Geographic Bee Championship


Ten finalists from a field of over two million contestants competed on geographic knowledge.



Which East African lake that drains into the Ruzizi River contains large quantities of dissolved methane gas that could generate electricity for millions of people?


After answering that question correctly (Lake Kivu, duh), Rishi Nair, a 12-year-old from Florida, was crowned winner of the 28th National Geographic Bee. Nair bested nine other finalists in a game show format competition hosted at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. 


This year's bee began with a field of two and a half million contestants from 11,000 schools across the U.S. Nair beat runner-up Saketh Jonnalagadda, 14, of Massachusetts




Text from "12-Year-Old Wins Geographic Bee in Nail-Biter—How Would You Do?" by Brian Clark Howard for National Geographic News


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