5 Reasons Why
Five Reasons Why



Why are tigers awesome? Why do animal moms totally rock? Nat Geo Kids answers these burning questions and more in this cool department. Come back every other Wednesday for the latest!



Stealthy Snow Leopards

You won’t believe the sneakiness of this big cat.

Which 5 Reasons Why is your favorite? 


Armadillo Facts

Dive in!

Splashy tidbits about H20

Bat Bonanza

Find out about these amazing flying mammals.

It’s Festival Fever!

Check out five awesome celebrations from around the world.

Going Above and Beyond

Why astronauts are so cool

Awesome Autumn

You'll have a ball in fall!

School's out!

Here are other reasons why summer rules.

We ♥ Earth

Celebrate our planet!

Bald Eagle!

First-Class Flyer

Are you hungry?

Try an international breakfast!

Mind-Blowing Brain Facts

Wrap your head around these amazing stats.

Mothers of the wild

From protective penguins to stinging scorpions, see why these animal moms rule!

Tigers: One Cool Cat

Read why these felines stand out from the rest of the cat crowd.

The Scoop on Sloths

Find out why these slow animals will quickly amaze you.