Ice Cream Expedition

Eat ice cream and explore!

Saving the Planet, One Scoop at a Time


This summer we're driving across the country in an ice-cream truck to show kids how easy it is to explore their world—as well as protect it. Supported in part with a National Geographic Young Explorers grant, the Ice Cream Expedition will make stops all over the United States, talking to kids about their favorite places to explore in nature. We'll also ask them to take a pledge to protect those places, and of course, give away free Magnolia ice cream!


Young Explorers Caleb, Jordan, and Cameron may be coming to a city near you, so check out the calendar below.  You can also follow their journey online by watching videos, checking out photos, and reading posts about the adventures they're having. You can even pledge online by using our poll on this page and tell the world how you're going to protect the planet!

I pledge to explore and protect the planet by...


Our Partner

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Our Stops


(Locations and dates are subject to change)

San Diego, CA 7/17/2014

Los Angeles, CA 7/18/2014

San Francisco, CA 7/20/2014

Portland, OR 7/23/2014

Seattle, WA 7/25/2014

Boulder, CO 8/2/2014

Colorado Springs, CO 8/3/2014

Lincoln, NE 8/6/2014

Austin, TX 8/10/2014

New Orleans, LA 8/16/2014

Tallahassee, FL 8/24/2014

Charlotte, NC 8/30/2014

Chicago, IL 9/6/2014

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