Facts: Porsche Panamera

Photo: A landscape view of the Porsche Panamera

Photo by: NGT

  • The Panamera is not the first four-door Porsche, but rather the first put into production.

  • As of July 2011, Porsche has produced more than 30,000 Panameras.

  • Porsche was first introduced to the U.S market as a race car. However, interest from contemporary movie stars broadened the appeal of the car beyond that of a racing vehicle.

  • The Leipzig facility receives deliveries from 150-160 trucks, fourteen times a day.

  • The Porsche logo was actually created in New York during a dinner meeting between Max Hoffmann, the U.S. importer, and Ferry Porsche.

  • Porsche’s Leipzig factory opened in 2002. The Panamera has been produced at this facility since 2009.

  • There is not one single fork lift truck at the Porsche Plant in Leipzig.

  • Each part delivered to the Leipzig factory is used within 24 hours of arrival.

  • The Panamera Hybrid model produces 380 horsepower and has a top speed of 167 miles an hour.

  • Each Panamera is built from approximately 1700 parts.

  • In 2009 with the launch of the Panamera, Porsche eliminated warehouses at its production facilities.

  • In 1948, the first Porsche car, the 365, was road certified.

  • In 1962, the 50,000th Porsche rolled off the assembly line.

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