Photo Gallery: The Guarantee Group


Titanic Galleries

  • Illustration of the Titanic by Ken Marschall

    Titanic Art by Ken Marschall

    Explore lavishly illustrated cutaways of the floating palace by artist and visual historian Ken Marschall.

  • Photo: Thomas Andrews

    The Guarantee Group

    Archival photos give an intimate look at the ill-fated shipbuilders who went down with Titanic.

  • Photo: Titanic Experts

    Meet the Titanic Experts

    The world’s leading Titanic experts come together to solve the iconic shipwreck's lingering mysteries.

  • Photo: A hull fragment of the Titanic

    Discovering the Titanic

    Images of Bob Ballard's 1985 discovery of a lifetime by Nat Geo photographer Emory Kristof

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