Building Titanic: An Interactive Timeline

Experience the incredible history of the Titanic, one of mankind's most remarkable feats of engineering. This richly visual and comprehensive interactive takes you on a magnificent trip through time to witness the historic ship come to life in the Belfast shipyards of Harland & Wolff. And as you travel, don't forget to stop at key milestones along to way to explore the many fascinating stories behind this enduring marvel.

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What Was Life Like Aboard the Titanic?

  • Photo: Titanic's First-Class Dining Room

    Life on Board: Dining and Cuisine

    This wasn't your average grub. Titanic's culinary facilities were the most advanced afloat, preparing nearly 6,000 meals a day by a staff of 80.

  • Photo: Ida and Isidor Straus

    Life on Board: High Society

    Titanic's passenger list included some of the crème de la crème of early 20th century business, culture, and society, on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Titanic Band

    Life on Board: Music

    Music was a notable part of the Titanic experience—and remains an essential element in the Titanic legend overall.

  • Photo: Wireless Telegraph from 1915

    Life on Board: Mail and Telegrams

    Greetings from the Titanic! Read some of the letters, postcards, and telegrams sent from aboard the luxury liner.

  • Illustration: Standard Fashion Book, Summer 1912, New York

    Life on Board: Fashion

    The high society of Titanic's elite passenger roster brought with it the very height of fashion, or haute couture, of the day.

  • Photo: A boy stands next to the massive boilers of the Titanic's nearly-identical sister ship, the Olympic, at Harland and Wolff in Belfast.

    Life on Board: High Technology

    In 1912, the "floating palace" was a technological marvel on the cutting-edge of transportation technology and design.

  • Photo: Show dogs on board the Titanic, taken on April 10, 1912

    Life on Board: Animals

    Not all of the Titanic's passengers were human. Among the esteemed creatures sailing across the Atlantic: dogs, cats, and even roosters.

  • Photo: First-Class Gymnasium aboard the Titanic

    Life on Board: Fun and Recreation

    Titanic's "leisure class" had plenty of activities to choose from to pass their days at sea—from working out to lounging around.

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