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Technology is all around us. From computers to cameras, cell phones to satellite navigation—our dependence on technology has never been greater. But how many of us ever stop to question how these inventions actually came about? Challenging the commonly held view, that they appear fully formed, out of nowhere, The Link reveals the surprising origins of some of the most important technological breakthroughs of the modern world.

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  • Meet Josh Klein

    Meet Josh Klein

    Technology consultant Josh Klein doesn’t do things “by the book.” From computer networks to consumer hardware, Josh is an expert at taking things apart and putting them back together to produce something even better. Get to know more about the host.

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  • Black Gunpowder kegs

    Making Connections

    On the surface, ancient Chinese fireworks and modern-day forensic science seem to have very little in common. But they are connected in ways you might not expect. Follow the incredible journey of technology from fireworks to forensics.

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