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Journey beyond your comfort zone to explore behaviors and lifestyles that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal or reviled in others. The eighth season of Taboo features more incredible stories, including sellers of “murderabilia,” a culture that encourages young women to have sex in "love huts", and a community that breaks open the doors of family tombs, removing bundled corpses of ancestors, and then dancing and drinking rum in celebration.

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  • How Taboo Are You?

    How Taboo Are You?

    Would you rather swap spouses or eat a scorpion? Answer a few questions honestly and compare with your facebook friends to find out where you guys sit on the taboo spectrum.

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  • Photo: Sobriety Test

    U.S. of Alcohol

    Over Labor Day weekend in Phoenix Arizona, Taboo: U.S. of Alcohol examines the devastating impact of alcohol abuse.


  • Photo: Outside the women's room

    Changing Genders

    A man becomes a wife and woman becomes a husband. Half man, half woman - what is Gender X? An athlete sacrifices her dreams of Olympic gold - to become a man.

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  • Portraits

    Strange Passions

    Love isn't always about romance and roses. When it leaves the rails, love can become taboo.

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  • Taboo: Gross Food

    Taboo: Gross Food

    Roaches, worms, and the still-beating heart of a snake are traditions, even delicacies, in some societies.

  • Hoarders_160x120.jpg

    Taboo: Hoarders

    In a society driven by consumption, there are people who have taken it to an extreme.

  • Prison_Love_160x120.jpg

    Taboo: Prison Love

    It's a taboo for many: love behind bars, with some of the most dangerous criminals on earth.

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