Rocket City Rednecks Rhetoric

A Guide to the Cast's Southern Vocabulary


It's not every day that you'll meet a rocket scientist who happens to be a self-proclaimed redneck. So we don't blame you if you need a little help sorting out that extra twangy southern drawl. We've got you covered. Consider this your very own handy dandy redneck glossary of sorts.

Crazy as an outhouse rat — Totally and completely out of one’s mind; beyond crazy

“So what you’re sayin’ is, you want to brew up some moonshine and use it to power a rocket? Travis, you’re crazy as an outhouse rat.”

“Harder than a sack of froze neck bones” — Very difficult, even impossible, to break or damage

“The chest plate on this Iron Man suit is gonna have to be harder than a sack of frozen neck bones if it’s gonna save a soldier’s life.”

“Beer:30” — Self-proclaimed hour at which it is acceptable to begin drinking alcoholic beverages

“Hey Pete, grab me a brew will ya? It’s beerthirty!”

“How you’nz doin’?” — Greeting; also known throughout the South as “How ya’ll doin’?”

“Hey there everyone! How you’nz doin?”

“Rock Ridge” — Term for a generic place of interest (from the movie “Blazing Saddles”)

Travis: "Hey Rog, where we gonna blow this up?" Rog (pointing to the map): "Rock Ridge. Rock Ridge."

“When we gonna get them beans?” — At what time will we be eating?

“Daddy I’m starvin’. When we gonna get them beans?”

“Don’t do you no good no how” — To be of no use

“Forget about your dream of turning a toilet into a dishwasher, it don’t do you no good no how.”

“Low rate” — To be condescending

“They’re over there low ratin’ the piss outta us, but what’d they ever do that’s so great?”

“Harder than Chinese trig” — Impossibly difficult

“Tryin’ to convince Mama to take a ride in the keg submarine was harder than Chinese trig.”

“Pawpaw” — Michael’s endearing term for Grandfather; known as “Papa” in other cultures

“Hey Pawpaw! Pass me that rifle!”

“He went diva” — To throw a fit; to have a temper tantrum

“Travis claims he didn’t lose it when we were bomb proofin’ the truck and all the beer cans fell over, but he totally went diva.”

Doubled and twisted moonshine — Method of brewing moonshine in which the alcohol goes twice through the still and is then twisted through the coils (Daddy’s great-uncle was “famous” for it)

“Ain’t nothin’ better than some homebrewed doubled and twisted moonshine.”

Jughead Jim — Name given to a test-dummy that Mama made; dressed in everyday clothes on the outside and full of melons, eggs and tomatoes on the inside

“Poor Jughead, he didn’t stand a chance against all those explosives. Rest in peace Jughead Jim.”

“Ain’t gonna work worth a flip” — Prediction of failure

“This trebuchet ain’t gonna work worth a flip.”

"It's raining like pouring piss out of a boot!" — It’s raining incredibly hard.

“I wanted to work on my dang rocket today but it’s raining like pouring piss out of a boot!”

“There is no try, only do or do not” — quote from Yoda of Star Wars;Travis’ philosophy on life

“Look, if you’re comin’ up with a way to turn water into whiskey, there is no try, only do or do not. And it’d better be do.”


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