Rocket City Rednecks: Episode Guide

  • Bomb-Proof My Pick-Up

    Travis has an innovative idea to make Humvees more resistant to roadside bombs, and it involves beer cans... lots and lots of them.

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  • Moonshine Rocket Fuel

    If you thought it was expensive to fill your car's gas tank, imagine what it takes NASA to fuel a rocket. That's why the Rednecks want to find an alternative energy resource to power a rocket...moonshine!

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  • Junkyard Iron Man

    The Rednecks want to build a lightweight, bullet-proof exoskeleton suit that can augment human strength and fire weapons. But can they do it?

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  • 20,000 Kegs Under the Sea

    It's their riskiest project yet and it almost ends tragically. The guys turn their sights to underwater exploration -- building a homemade submarine out of a 4 x 4 plastic container farmers use to store fertilizer... and beer kegs, of course.

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  • Hillbilly Armageddon

    The Rednecks figure out how to defend the planet from an incoming asteroid, using a trebuchet, a frozen watermelon, and a rifle-wielding robot.

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  • Rednecks on the Red Planet

    The Rednecks convert a beat-up old RV into a simulated interplanetary spaceship outfitted with a satellite control station, basic supplies and a "pee reactor" that converts urine into drinking water.

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  • Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind

    The Rednecks build a massive radio telescope out of junkyard parts, in an attempt to pick up signals from distant galaxies.

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  • Backwoods Spy Satellite

    The guys borrow a high-altitude weather balloon from a nearby university, and "MacGyver" together the spy aircraft using a fishing bucket, Michael's iPhone and a remote-controlled helicopter.

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  • Rocket-Powered Bass Boat

    One of Travis's projects as a space industry engineer is to create a cheap source of energy for interplanetary exploration. The guys think they've got a simple solution - a solar-powered rocket engine.

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  • Hillbilly Moon Buggy

    Travis and the guys compete in NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race — an international competition to create a human-powered lunar vehicle designed to fit aboard a space capsule.

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  • Double-Barreled Rocket

    With the Space Shuttle program ended forever, the Rednecks realize that Space Exploration is now the domain of private enterprise. So they decide to build a man-capable model rocket . Can the boys - using redneck thinking - actually launch their 700-pound "Big Ass Rocket" and its crash test dummy... without a massive explosion?

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  • Tornado-Proof Outhouse

    After 170 killer tornados tear through the South in just two days, the Rocket City Rednecks build a "tornado-proof outhouse" that can withstand F5 winds.

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  • Hillbilly Fireworks

    The Rednecks design the ultimate Fourth of July extravaganza - shooting off fireworks as well as other rocket-propelled patriotic displays. Using videogame consoles, Xmas light controllers, and homemade rockets, the boys launch kitchen devices, reclining chairs and even a toilet seat rocket at a party that combines beer, patriotism and high explosives.

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  • The War Wagon

    Using Pete and Travis's experience in military armor they create a fully-armored war-wagon mounted with a flame thrower and a giant cannon, suitable for hunting deer or chasing off invaders.

  • Trailer Power

    Energy prices are so high that the Boys want to find a way to create a home that's totally off-the-grid. It takes redneck ingenuity to create an entire power system that combines solar, water, and human power... and make a Redneck Trailer become the house of the future.

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  • Slingshot Into Orbit

    Some people think that slingshots could be used to launch things into space. The Rednecks experiment with the physics of slingshots and trebuchets, then rig a "Super-treb" with a pulley system and weather balloons... It looks more like a massive slingshot than a launch vehicle. Will it have enough force to fire a missile?

  • Hillbilly Hovercraft

    Old sci-fi magazines once promised a Jetsons-style Hovercraft for everyone - but a redneck would prefer a "loungechair hovercraft." The boys test out designs for a hovercraft. They settle on a design that hovers with a lawn-mower engine - and a rocket attached to the back. They strap Travis into their homemade design... and fire him off.

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  • Radar-Proof Pickup

    The military's use of stealth aircraft gets Michael thinking - can he avoid another speeding ticket with a "stealth vehicle" that should be invisible to radar? The Boys test their concepts out on a motorized shopping cart, and then they outfit an old truck with their newly-devised "invisibility panels" - challenging the local Sheriff to catch them speeding with his radar gun.

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