Mad Scientists: Episode Guide

  • Ultimate Rock Crawler

    In the Tierra Del Sol California hills, John helps Cameron Carlson add an extreme new feature to Cameron's one-of-a-kind rock-crawling machine.

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  • The 26-Foot Lawn Dart

    In Detroit, John teams up with "Speedcult," a group of hot-rod fabricators with a taste for metal, speed, and rock n' roll.

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  • The Moon Jumper

    John joins forces with the Needham brothers, who've built a 40-foot-long teeter-totter that spins atop a 2-story high telephone pole.

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  • Turbo-Charged Leaf Blower

    John challenges jet engine builder Chris Krug to build the ultimate multipurpose lawn tool out of one of his homemade turbojets.

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  • Swamp Flyer

    John challenges aerodynamics genius Gyro Jake to build a boat that can maneuver through water the way a gyroplane maneuvers through air.

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  • Water Cannon on Wheels

    Lance Greathouse makes super-cool wheelchairs, and now with John's help, he's building something a little different—a water-jousting chariot.

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  • World's Weirdest Bike

    John teams up with bike-modifier Johnny Payphone and his best friend Mudd to build a motorcycle powered by a giant garage-door spring.

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  • Basketball-Playing Robot

    John collaborates with robotics-genius Steve Norris to build a giant robot tall enough to beat them at a game of hoops.

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  • Lawn Mover Hovercraft

    John works with Gary Sloat, a suburban dad with a computer degree, to turn a couple of old lawn mowers into two real-life hovercrafts.


  • Human Water Rocket

    Rocket man Tim Pickens is challenged to transform his daughter’s water-rocket belt into something powerful enough to lift John out of an Alabama lake.


  • Jet-Powered Office Chair

    John challenges electrician Don Giandomenico to expand on his homemade jet-powered motorbike by adding a sidecar made out of an office chair.

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  • Shocking Flying Machine

    John works with Robert Baslee, an aeronautics genius, to transform one of Robert's planes so it can fly on pure electricity.


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