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  • Teenage Drug Mules

    MON AUG 20 9P et/pt
    A Blackhawk helicopter leads ground agents on an epic chase after an illegal immigrant through treacherous mountains near Douglas, Ariz. A live surveillance camera alerts Border Patrol agents to a known fence coyote who tries to guide illegal immigrants into downtown Nogales.

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  • Tunnel Smoke-out

    MON AUG 27 9P et/pt
    Border Patrol agents cut off a getaway car as it tries to flee the scene of a drug drop in ranchland east of Nogales, Ariz. Agents arrest the driver and seize the drugs, then pursue the smugglers.

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  • Midnight Drug Trap

    MON SEP 3 9P et/pt
    Downtown, Border Patrol and ICE agents discover a major drug-running tunnel and suspected smugglers may still be inside. With cartels watching their every move, they must risk their lives to map and destroy it.

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  • Cocaine Paradise

    MON SEP 10 9P et/pt
    In Puerto Rico, agents keep a high-value drug seizure from South America secure as they transport it back to San Juan. They also use a DASH 8 plane and radar to find and seize a small drug-running boat in the dangerous Mona Passage.

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  • Cocaine Dump Truck

    MON SEP 17 9P et/pt
    Agents in Puerto Rico enter one of San Juan’s most notorious housing projects for an undercover “buy and bust” operation to intercept a dump truck full of cocaine, and race to find illegal immigrants who have landed on a secluded beach.

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  • Cash in the Tank

    MON SEP 24 9P et/pt
    When the Coast Guard rescues Cuban refugees from a remote island in the Mona Passage, Customs and Border Protection agents must race to intercept them and verify their identities.

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