Amish: Out of Order

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A New Series by the Producers of Devil's Playground and Amish in the City

It takes a lot to leave the only life you’ve ever known—for one you’ve been told will lead you straight to hell. And with little possibility of normal contact with your family ever again, turning your back on the Amish order is an immense undertaking, and a choice that’s not made without tremendous consideration. In the new ten-part series Amish: Out of Order, follow the trials and tribulations of individuals who have made the decision to leave the Amish community behind. Due to their religious beliefs, most Amish refuse to be photographed or videotaped—even ex-Amish risk permanent shunning by their family and community for appearing on camera. The ex-Amish in this program accept that risk.

Growing Up Amish

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    Living Fast

    When tragedy strikes, Mose’s skills as a mentor, counselor and leader are put to the test.

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