America's Lost Treasures

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From the Producers of Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, and Storage Wars

Hosts Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps scour the country on a quest to find objects with unexpected value and incredible stories forgotten in America’s basements, barns, attics, and backyards. From a Civil War drum and a Native American tobacco bag to a 19th-century steamboat chair and a 150-million-year-old stegosaurus bone, some of our nation’s great treasures are waiting to be discovered ... and might even be worth a small fortune! Could you have a museum-worthy artifact hidden in your house?

In the first season of America's Lost Treasures, we travel to ten U.S. cities, inviting locals to bring in their artifacts to find out what they’re really worth. Working with top museum curators, appraisers, and other experts, Curt and Kinga each trace the history of three chosen artifacts. When the investigation is complete, owners and their families learn the true story—and value—of their treasured objects. At the end of each one-hour episode, it’s down to two finalists, and a winner is awarded $10,000 as special recognition for the importance of the artifact in American history, which will be featured in a special exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C., coming in 2013.

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  • The Treasures of Austin, Texas

    The Treasures of Austin, Texas

    Peruse highlights of the many artifacts discovered by Curt and Kinga in the Lone Star State, on their quest for America's lost treasures.


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    The Nat Geo Museum will display the winning "lost treasures" in 2013. See current and upcoming exhibits.