Alaska State Troopers Episode Guide

  • Beers & Bears

    Twenty-degree days and eight-degree nights are not the type of temperatures to get lost in - especially not when intoxicated. In this special two-hour season premiere, troopers in Bethel go in search of a lost woman trying to walk 11 miles across a frozen river. It's an area unreachable with patrol truck, so they must head out on a snow machine. In the town of Girdwood, residents are eager to let off steam at the area's annual party.

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  • Spring Break Crazy

    Springtime in Alaska means one thing for thousands of adrenaline junkies: Arctic Man. It's one of Alaska's most extreme sporting events and the biggest weeklong party of the year. Only 16 troopers are assigned to the festivities, and they're outnumbered almost 1,000 to one, with backup almost 100 miles away. This year, a blizzard brings in trouble. Then, troopers head out on snow machines in search of a family whose sleds got stuck in the treacherous snowy landscape.

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  • Cowboy Fugitive

    Deep in the rugged Talkeetna Mountains, Trooper John Cyr and rookie Trooper Scott Lanier are on the lookout for illegal hunters of sheep, caribou and moose. But when Trooper Cyr tips over his four-wheeler and breaks his ankle, Lanier is alone in the wild, with backup a half-day away. Almost 300 miles south, in the rough waters of the Gulf of Alaska, tourists flock to Kodiak, Alaska's largest island.

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  • Madman Manhunt

    In this hour-long adventure with "Alaska State Troopers," go behind the scenes as troopers patrol the streets and wilderness of the final frontier. Watch as troopers manage moose hunting season, track down a wanted fugitive, and train village public safety officers for their key role in remote villages.

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  • Moose/Man Hunt

    From Alaska's toughest cities to its farthest reaches, troopers are on the hunt for armed and dangerous criminals as well as an abandoned moose, shot illegally by an eager hunter. In Ketchikan, Troopers take all precautions when trying to catch a violent man who has outwardly expressed that he won't be going quietly. Their plan to surprise the suspect early in the morning works out to their advantage, as they are able to apprehend him before he attempts to run back into the house and grab his SKS rifle.

  • Gun N Hide

    When troopers respond to a call regarding a discharged gun in the Mat-Su Valley, they discover a large stash of weapons hidden inside a boat.

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  • Midnight Poachers

    See where it all begins at the Trooper Academy in Sitka, AK, patrol for illegal hunters and traps with wildlife troopers and combat dangerous drunk drivers, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Alaska.

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  • Storm of the Century

    Troopers face a new set of challenges with an unforgiving blizzard setting in. Typical DUI cases are worrisome enough, but with roads frozen, it’s a recipe for disaster. Even criminals scramble to get out of the cold as they turn themselves in on outstanding warrants just for a warm place to sleep for the night.

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  • Warrant Wonderland

    The men and women in blue risk life and limb to protect the residents--and resident animals--of Alaska.

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  • Helter Skelter Homicide

    As the winter twilight settles in, Alaska's State Troopers know that not everything is always as it seems.

  • Alaskan Standoff

    The Alaska State Troopers take you from Alaska's bustling city of Fairbanks all the way to Grayling, a remote village only accessible by plane in winter.

  • Village Vigilantes

    Troopers go the distance in this episode of Alaska State Troopers, taking to land, air, and snow machine to bring justice to some of Alaska's most remote locations.

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    High-Speed Chase

    Troopers pursue a felon in a high-speed chase and track down lawbreakers across Alaska’s dense wilderness.

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