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Laura Goertzel and Sara Zeglin
Assistant Video Producer,
Bianca Bowman
Senior Product Manager,
Natalie Jones

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Chief Education Officer                    

Melina Gerosa Bellows 
Senior Management Team, Kids Publishing and Media
Nancy Laties Feresten, Senior Vice President; Julie Vosburgh Agnone, Vice President, Editorial Operations; Jennifer Emmett, Vice President, Editorial Director, Children's Books; Rachel Buchholz, Vice President and Editor, NG Kids Magazine; Eva Absher-Schantz, Design Director; Jay Sumner, Photo Director; Hannah August, Marketing Director

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Rachel Buchholz, Vice President and Editor; Eileen O’Tousa-Crowson, Art Director; Catherine D. Hughes, Senior Editor, Science; Andrea Silen, Kay Boatner, Associate Editors; Nick Spagnoli, Copy Editor; Rose Davidson and Rachel Kenny, Special Projects Assistants; Kelley Miller, Senior Photo Editor; Lisa Jewell and Hillary Leo, Photo Editors; Kathryn Robbins, Art Designer; Stephanie Rudig, Associate Digital Designer; Allyson Shaw, Editorial Assistant and Social Media; Sean Philpotts, Production Manager

National Geographic Children’s Books

Jennifer Emmett, Vice President and Editorial Director; Becky Baines, Erica Green, Priyanka Lamichhane, Senior Editors; Kate Olesin, Shelby Alinsky, Editors; Ariane Szu-Tu, Assistant Editor; Paige Towler, Editorial Assistant; Jim Hiscott, Art Director; Amanda Larsen, Managing Art Director; Julide Dengel, Associate Art Director; Callie Broaddus, Associate Designer; Allie Allen, Sanjida Rashid, Design Production Assistants; Lori Epstein, Senior Photo Editor; Hillary Leo, Photo Editor; Margaret Leist, Photo Assistant; Vanessa Mack, Assistant Photo Editor; Mike O'Connor, Joan Gossett, Production Editors; Grace Hill, Associate Managing Editor; Alix Inchausti, Assistant Managing Editor; Bri Bertoia, Erica Holsclaw, Rachel Kenny, Michael Libonati, Special Projects Assistants; Ruth Chamblee, Director of Product Marketing; Laurie Hembree, Senior Product Marketing Manager; Holly Saunders, Product Marketing Manager

International Magazine Publishing 
Yulia Petrossian Boyle, Senior Vice President; Jennifer Jones, Manager; Cynthia Combs, Rights Manager
  Phillip L. Schlosser, Senior Vice President, Production Services; Gregory Storer, Director; Robert L. Barr, Manager; Neal Edwards, Imaging
John J. Patermaster, Jr., Director of Finance; Cindy Ramroop, Contract Manager; Tammi Colleary, Financial Analyst; Erica Ellis, Associate Financial Analyst
Consumer and Member Marketing  
Elizabeth Safford, Vice President; John MacKethan, Vice President, Retail Sales; Mark Viola, Renewals and Planning Director; Tracy Pelt, New Business Director
Market Services 
Tracy Hamilton Stone, Research Manager
Advertising Production Manager 
Callie Norton
  Anna Irwin, Communications Director; Beth Furtwangler, Publicist (202) 457-8223

President and CEO  Gary E. Knell
Chairman of the Board  John Fahey
Executive Vice President and Worldwide Publisher Claudia Malley 
Advertising Offices  Bob Amberg, National Brand 
(212) 610-5511; New York Allison Davis (212) 610-5509; Southeast  Ali Hartz (212) 610-5503; Detroit  Karen Sarris (248) 368-6304; Chicago Bill Graff (312) 467-1576 West Coast  Eric Josten (310) 734-2221