School's out!

Here are other reasons why summer is awesome.

Bizarre Ant fact

Some do strange things when attacked!

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer?


See them light up!

New Personality Quiz!

Which type of shark are you?

Stripes or spots?

Make your choice

Amazing Summer Rides

Check out some of the world’s most thrilling roller coasters.

YouTube Videos

Watch the full playlist!

My Shot Gallery

Check out the best of May!

June Challenge

Play Mission Animal Rescue bingo!


Toothy whale

Get Outside

Explore and Have Fun!

New Nat Geo Kids Show 

Watch Gears and Wiz discover how stuff is made!

Take the My Shot Rescue Dog Challenge!

Post a photo—we might write a story about your rescued pooch.

Who says gardening is boring?

Fill in the blanks to get your own silly story.