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Weird & Random

Yawning Otter - Ep. 5

Watch a music video about a sleepy little otter featuring a song by Parry Gripp!


Which animal house would you want to live in?

Freaky Creatures

Ninja Frog Kicks Bugs - Ep. 1

Reticulated glass frog fathers protect their babies with ninja moves. Find out what else makes the reticulated glass frog so freaky in this episode of "Freaky Creatures!"


Just Joking

Crack up your friends!

The Year of the monkey starts Monday!

Find out what animal you are in the Chinese calendar.

Print your animal valentines!

Take the February challenge.

Black Pioneers of science

These scientists made history!

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Something's fishy!

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Explore the past!

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Snakes and More!

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Feathered Friends

See our videos, pics, and facts.

Get the buzz!

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We've got frogs, toads, and more.

No backbone here!

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Natural treasures

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Reticulated Glass Frog! 

This see-through amphibian is clearly cool!

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Bizarre facts

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Amazing Animals

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